Where can I find New York dental implants?

Tooth loss can occur because of a traumatic injury, periodontal disease, tooth decay, even a genetic condition. For people living with tooth loss, every day can feel like a struggle. Even the simplest pleasures, such as eating, speaking and smiling, lose their appeal and begin to feel like challenging tasks. Tooth loss can greatly diminish your self-confidence and affect how you function in social and professional settings. Fortunately, Dr. David Seidman DDS is a leading providers of 10022 dental implants, a state-of-the-art approach to replacing permanent teeth.

10022 dental implants

Today there are better options than ever before for permanent teeth replacement. Out of all the restorative choices available today, 10022 dental implants come the closest to replicating the look, feel and function of a natural tooth. A dental implant also helps prevent bone shrinkage to preserve facial contours in areas where teeth have been lost. Dental implants can be used to support a bridge or denture and to rebuild the appearance and function of a complete smile. A dental implant is made of biocompatible materials and fuses directly with the jaw. An individual implant can support an individual crown, just as your natural tooth root supports the natural crown of your tooth. Using implants to support a removable denture provides extra stability and prevents slippage, eliminating the need for messy denture adhesives. Your dentist can also strategically place a minimal number of implants to support a full arch dental bridge, as a permanent alternative to wearing dentures.

At the office of Dr. David Seidman DDS we offer the highest quality of 10022 dental implants to replace missing permanent teeth. Located on the ground floor of our Midtown East building, we offer convenient daytime hours and accept most major insurances. Contact our office today for more information about dental implants as well as the other services we provide and to schedule an appointment!

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