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10022 dental office

If you feel self-conscious about stains or discoloration affecting the appearance of your smile,
visit us at the office of David Seidman DDS, to find out if you’re a candidate for professional
teeth whitening treatment or one of our many advanced cosmetic dental services. Our 10022
dental office
can help you achieve the bright, white smile you desire. We tailor every treatment
plan to address individual needs, and use the latest systems in care to provide outstanding
treatment outcomes.

10022 dental office

Millions of people across the United States are talking to their dentists about options for professionally whitening their teeth. Perhaps you have tried an over-the-counter product, but still feel dissatisfied with the results. The truth is that most effective and safe way to transform a dull, drab smile into one that sparkles is with a professional teeth whitening procedure provided by our skilled and experienced dentist. A professional teeth whitening procedure can erase stains caused by persistent exposure to certain highly pigmented foods and beverages, as well as tobacco use, and can reverse age-related tooth discoloration to give your smile back its youthful vibrancy. For your convenience, our 10022 dental office offers two exceptional options for whitening your teeth.

If you choose in-office treatment, we apply a prescription grade whitening agent to the surfaces
of your teeth, revealing a smile that is several shades lighter in one short visit. If you prefer to
whiten your smile in the comfort of your own home, our dentist can prescribe a customized
take-home kit, which is safe and easy to use. The take-home kit delivers more gradual
aesthetically pleasing results or can be used to perfect and maintain the results of an in-office

At the office of David Seidman DDS, our goal is to help you smile with the utmost confidence. In
just one visit to our 10022 dental office, you can enjoy the dazzling set of pearly whites you
deserve. To learn more about teeth whitening treatment or any of our other cosmetic services,
call today.

Where can I find a Midtown Dentist Office?

Dental decay and gum disease are two of the most common and damaging conditions that can affect your oral health. While these conditions occur with great frequency, they are in fact almost entirely preventable. The culprit behind both dental diseases is the accumulation of dental plaque. Dental plaque, also known as tooth plaque, microbial plaque and dental biofilm, is a soft, sticky, colorless deposit of biofilm that regularly forms on your teeth. Plaque contains millions of bacteria that feed on the food and drinks you eat every day. If plaque isn’t removed from your teeth on a regular basis, minerals from your saliva are deposited into the plaque biofilm causing it to harden and become tartar. Because tartar buildup on teeth is strongly bonded to the tooth enamel, it can only be removed by a dental professional.

Midtown Dental Office

Luckily, plaque buildup can be prevented through the implementation of an effective oral hygiene routine at home, as well as a twice-annual visit to your Midtown dentist office. Removing plaque at home on a daily basis lessens your chances of tartar buildup and experiencing more serious dental problems such as cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath. Healthy dental habits, such as brushing for two minutes twice daily and flossing after every brush, can help you prevent the harmful effects of plaque buildup. If you have kids, remember: It’s never too early to help them learn good oral care.

At a routine visit to our Midtown dentist office Dr. Seidman will perform a thorough exam to detect any signs of dental decay and gum disease, as well as any other oral health issues you may be facing. He’ll also give you a professional cleaning to clear away plaque buildup even in hard-to-reach places your toothbrush may have missed.

Located on the ground floor of our Midtown East building, we offer convenient daytime hours and accept most major insurances. We offer a comprehensive selection of services including the latest treatment options in general, preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. Contact our Midtown dentist office today to schedule an appointment!

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